Everything About Life Jackets

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Life Jackets

Considering the highest factor is human life at sea, e while dealing with an emergency is essential to have life-saving appliances that play a significant role in saving lives in all types of emergencies.
Different appliances are used for safety purposes and emergencies that can be operated on and maintained so that they will let us out of danger. One of these emergency appliances is the life-saving vests or the life jackets.

What are life jackets?

The life jackets are made up of inflatable materials. This sleeveless jacket is used to keep the human body floating on the water. Life jackets are lifesavers; when there are emergencies, it is better to use them. It would be even beneficial if you wear the life jacket before the departure from the dock. It is e a mandatory item for every boat and has at least one extra life jacket for emergency purposes.

Life Jackets

Types of life jackets

Two types of life jackets are used for boarding purposes:

● Inflatable life jackets

Inflatable life jackets are inflated for buoyancy when immersed in water. It usually consists of two different buoyancy compartments. It is frequently used when a person performs a recreational activity or when people go free shipping and other purposes.

Life Jackets

● Non-inflatable life jackets

these are the life jackets that do not need to inflate and are usually e equipped when the sailors are on the board. It is having less safety than inflatable life jackets, but it is helpful in some instances.

How many life jackets should be on a ship?

On passengers ships

there must be at least one life jacket for every person on the boat. It is even better to have an extra just for emergency purposes. The life jacket should be for every child or 10% of the total number of passengers. It is better to wear the life jacket before the departure of the ship from the dock.

Life Jackets

On cargo ships

There must be at least one life jacket for all the crew members and their families if onboard.
The Infant life jackets should be provided for the crew member’s family in a cargo ship since they carry their children and family while onboarding. In case of any damage, it’s better to have a spare one.

Requirements as per SOLAS

Life Jackets

● A whistle must be fitted and firmly secured by a lanyard for each life jacket.
● In case of fire, the melting or burning should not be sustained by the jacket when exposed to the Fire for 2 seconds.
● It must be capable of being over by one side as practicable and cannot be done incorrectly.
● No injury and dislodging of the life jacket is called when jumping from a height of at least 4.5 meters.
● The performances of the lights and results in a life jacket should be selected and secured so that the version in combination is not degraded.

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