Wondering Why Safety Is Of Utmost Importance In Maritime Transportation?… Well, Read On To Know More!

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Maritime Transportation

The contemporary world is a global economy connected through different means for innumerable purposes. The export and import of goods or the exchange of other services amongst nations and states have helped in the flourishing of the economic aspects of various countries. And it continues to benefit them all based on their particular mutual considerations and other terms and conditions.

One of the most important means of transportation in this global world has been through the water, thus, rendering maritime transport with utmost significance. Considering this, one of the significant concerns that have received due importance is safety during maritime transportation. It is because of the enormous risks it involves and the massive losses that could be the outcome if there is any discrepancy in terms of its safety.

Avoiding possible maritime security threats

Maritime Transportation

Since the trade through maritime takes place on a large scale internationally, there has been felt a significant need for some rules and legislative regulations to govern maritime transportation. It has been strictly developed over time to avoid threats during transportation and port threats that may include threats like smuggling, piracy, illegal immigration, terrorist attacks, environmental disasters, etc.

Also, there can be witnessed a significant development in terms of technology to avoid such threats with the changes that have evolved in terms of size, design, propulsion, etc. With these changes in technology, the education systems related to the maritime industry have also changed to make the new aspirants for this industry wholly equipped with the latest technology and rules & regulations so that maritime transportation security is completely ensured at all times.

Why is maritime security important for the US?

Maritime Transportation

Maritime security is of prime importance for the US and any country in general involved in global trade. Marine transportation serves as a key driver of the global economy, which sustains the global markets and contributes almost USD 183.3 billion to the gross direct output.

Also, with unemployment being a problem in many parts of the world, the maritime industry has been a significant contributor to creating employment opportunities. It contributes to approximately 4.2 million jobs. The share of the global trade through cargo is two-thirds of the total trade. Considering all of it, the security threat in the maritime industry could pose a severe threat to the economies of many countries across the world.

The above-stated are the reasons why there have been many steps and initiatives to ensure complete safety during maritime transportation. Ensuring maritime transportation safety would help ensure that the global economies continue to flourish with no hindrances in the trade. There will also be the creation of many employment opportunities through this industry. The full potential of the shipping industry is explored and used to the best advantage.

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